Sunswept Resorts

    The assignment here was to create a custom website design for The BodyHoliday’s LeSport in St. Lucia. The objective was to create an online presence that spoke to the ever-changing nature of the resort and the ability to “customize” your holiday. The website behaves similarly to an online publication or lifestyle blog in that it is constantly changing and being updated. Content is always evolving depending on the new activities, yet it’s integrity is retained.

    The sister adults-only hotel called Rendezvous (also known as The Romantic Holiday) was then modelled after the website framework. Subtleties, such as font choices, differentiate the website in style and elevates the formality.

    This website was created under G+ International, a creative agency I freelance for.

    See the live BodyHoliday website here:

    See the live Rendezvous website here: