Herzig Eye Institute

    Despite laser eye corrective surgery being one of the greatest and safest advances in medical history, it has a stigma for being something frightening and aggressive. Helping the public overcome that sense of fear is one of the biggest hurdles in the industry. Over the years, Herzig Eye Institute has positioned themselves as the “caretaker” eye institute. In other words, they hold your hand through the whole process (even though their surgeries are very gentle).

    We re-imaged Herzig so that all of their marketing materials (including print and web) were parallel with their top notch customer service and care-taking. 

    Displayed above is a brochure designed to combat this fear and show that laser eye correction is for anyone and everyone. Since marketing in the medical world has a tendency to feel sterile and inaccessible, the theme of our re-imaging for HEI was accessibility. A user interface design for their new website was also created in tandem with this brochure, paying special attention to being as user-friendly as possible.

    Apart of designing the brochure was also coming up with a logo for the SMILE procedure and dedicating a spread to it.

    The website is not displayed to protect Herzig until launch but will be up soon.

    This work was created under Bespoke by Seppi.