Experimental Typography


    Vladimir Nabokov once said: “The evolution of sense in a sense is the evolution of nonsense”. In Kevin Brainard’s Experimental Typography class at Parsons, two other students and I decided to build our project off of this quotation. We created layers upon layers of different type solutions which were then compiled into pads of tear-offs. Each type solution was designed by us with random intention. From abstract shapes to Barbie doll limbs, our custom fonts were nonsense in themselves. The quotation started off neutral and clear but as people ripped off layers of typography, the quotation became more obscured and lost clarity.  Created in collaboration with Julie Hannah Chea and Iris Lee





    In my Art Direction class, we were assigned to come up with a new membership campaign for the American Institute of Graphic Arts. My group, which included Cong Huynh, Patricia Encarnacion and myself, designed a typeface using a circle, triangle and square (an abstracted system established to represent the head, heart and hand). The main idea was that conversations between graphic designers should be rooted in the head, heart and hand.

    Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 4.00.07 PM




    In my Experimental Typography class we were assigned words and had to come up with experimental typographic solutions expressing the word. Below is an example of a word I illustrated. More to come.